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I hate it when things suddenly explode in popularity. Hearing about some new movie or game or TV show that everyone is talking about and telling me to play just sparks something...awful inside me. I know it probably sounds like I’m being a hipster, but I don’t think that label fits me at all. If I liked something “before it was cool” and it gets popular, I get giddy and excited because there are people who share an interest in things that I like. If somebody shows me something popular that has been out for a while, I experience it with little misplaced aggression. Thinking about it, maybe the reason why I am okay in all of those situations but so venomous to a popularity explosion is the feeling of being left out. I’m afraid of being left behind....arriving to the party late.

So when I heard all this talk, saw all this fanart. read all these blogs about Undertale, I immediately hated the game. The more I saw, the more bitter I became. “Undertale” became a mentally blocked word in my vocabulary that caused me to angrily scroll past posts and delete notifications. This was the worst game I had never played.

Eventually, after so much pushing and persistence from friends and loved ones, I finally caved. I opened up the game with a scowl and expectations lower than the pit my stupid character fell down. The intro art was kinda nice I guess, and the music...But this game sucked already.

I decided from the get go that I would do a pacifist run, because it was the right path. The good path. But I hated it. The fights were long and tedious, I never gained any EXP, I didn’t care about the characters. I’d have been happy to see them all get eaten by some Lovecraftian horror. And I did. And I felt nothing. When I finally reached the end, I felt relieved. Not because I’d saved everyone and got a happy ending, but because this piece of shit game was finally over and people could stop bothering me about it. I closed the game and sat back in my chair.

I felt...Empty? This game was everything I had been asking for for a long time. I love retro-style games, I love the comical/creepy combination, I enjoy little jokes and references and unexpected turns of events. The more I thought about the game, the worse I felt, but I couldn’t understand why. It was just a stupid game and it was just as bad as I expected it to be...But, was it? It took me a while to realise exactly what was wrong.

I had ruined this game for myself. I had set the game up for failure purely out of spite and blamed my own incompetence and impatience on poorly executed game mechanics. I had played this game as a pacifist, but in reality I had the mindset of a heartless monster. I was just like Flowey, toying with the story to see what would happen and sneering at the misfortune of these innocent characters. It was incredibly appropriate that the most evil antagonist in the game was named after myself, because it was true. The malevolent soul was me. The irony was incredible.

In some ways, I am glad that I ruined Undertale for myself. It has shown me an insight into the mindset of the worst people on the internet, and allowed me to realise that I was fast becoming one of them. Maybe one day, a long way away, I will revisit this game with a less biased attitude, but for now I thank you, Toby Fox. Although I was unable to enjoy your game, it really helped me sort some things out in my life. Thank you so much.



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